The financial industry is undergoing massive and disruptive change as technology gives individual investors unprecedented access to information. As a result, this is spurring waves of innovation in new financial products and services.

To help people and companies navigate the many new ways to save, manage and invest their money, FinTEx is curating a panel in partnership with Chicago Ideas Week of the country’s top thought-leaders in the area of behavior science and investing.

The panel, to be moderated by FinTEx founder Jason Henrichs, will take place at 8am on Wednesday, October 18, and will feature the following participants:

  • Jennifer Tescher, President, CEO and Founder of the Center for Financial Services Innovation, the nation’s authority on consumer financial health.
  • Erik Johnson, Marketing Optimization Manager on Morningstar’s Behavioral Insights Team, where he applies behavioral science principles and experimentation to marketing processes and communications.
  • Dan Egan, Director of Behavioral Finance and Investing at Betterment, is responsible for maximizing customer returns, in terms of both investment optimization and behaviorally informed design.
  • Randy Rivera, Senior Vice President, focuses on client and business development for BBVA and is very active in the Midwest FinTech ecosystem .

Innovating for Good FinTech Innovation Lab

Technology has made it easier than ever for companies large and small to create and launch innovative new financial products, from new investment vehicles to gamified mobile apps, and Chicago is a leading hub in the fintech space.

As part of Chicago Ideas Week, on Tuesday October 17, FinTEx is also hosting an interactive fintech lab to help people learn about and explore new technology that is shaping the way consumers manage their finances. During the Innovating for Good FinTech Innovation Lab, attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from four leading start-ups on how they are innovating a better financial future for everyone.
  • Break into small groups and interact intimately with both startup leaders and their technologies.
  • Ask founders and technologists direct questions about their solutions.
  • Share their own ideas of problems that they think technology can solve.

Lab participants will include:

  • Brian Barnes, Founder and CEO, M1 Finance, the automated online broker for engaged investors.
  • Ted Gonder, Co-founder and CEO, Moneythink, a non-profit organization leveraging technology to improve financial literacy nationally.
  • Mike Lenz, TITLE, Tipyourself, a community and mobile app focused on saving money and building habits.
  • Jeff Gordon Blake, Pangea Money Transfer, money remittance for family members internationally

Chicago Ideas Week, held October 16-22, 2017, is a seven-day festival featuring over 200 global thought leaders and innovators speaking on a variety of topics ranging from leadership and life’s lessons, to science and technology, to the most pressing issues of the day and the most creative insights in entertainment. It offers more than 150 engaging programs to stimulate, inspire and enlighten participants while providing the opportunity for attendees to think, dream and connect.