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We’re excited to announce the expansion of the FinTEx leadership team to include an Executive Director and Director of Operations. We began as a volunteer driven organization (including all of Lisa and my time). Our success in galvanizing the community, creating connectivity with other hubs and raising the visibility of the region has grown both the organization and our mission. 

The member advisory approved an expanded strategy for 2019. To fulfill that mission, we knew that it would take expanded resources beyond volunteer time. We’re thrilled that Randy Rivera, a long term advisor to FinTEx and recovering banker from one of the global leaders in fintech, is stepping into the Executive Director. Randy brings an unparalleled network and set of skills we’ll need as we embark on FinTEx 2.0. He’s highly aligned with the expanded strategy because he helped shape it. We are also completing the transition from a member advisory board to a formal and expanded board of directors to support this growth. Lisa and I are not going anywhere and are not reducing the energy we pour into FinTEx. It will, however, be more focused on the areas we individually can add the most value. 

We’ve also recognized that our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which are also volunteer led can use additional support and coordination. Towards that end, Darshan Patel, formerly wonder intern and recent Loyala grad, will provide operational support to allow SIG leaders to focus their energy where they can provide the most value to the community rather than logistics. As part of our growth, we’ve also updated our code of conduct. I’d like to think a professional organization wouldn’t need to codify things like this but well publicized events across the country tell us otherwise. You can read the code of conduct here

I am still somewhat bewildered that what started as a calendar invite jokingly inviting some fintech executives to join Lisa and I for Taco Tuesday grew into a formal industry association with 100+ members and partners that plays on the global stage. I’m excited for the next phase of our evolution and grateful for those who’ve joined us on the journey to drive the visibility, connectivity and competitive advantage for being a Midwestern fintech player.  

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